8 Places One Must Visit While Having Vacation in Udaipur

Travelling is a must to keep yourself active and make some memorable memories with special ones. India is an incredible land with fascinating destinations to visit, each state has its own culture, art, history, colour to portray and when we think about vacation it becomes really hard to choose a destination. The most common destinations that are most preferred in India are Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, South India and other parts of the north India because when we categories the locations we have only two options either we go for beaches or we go for the mountains or choose some destination that has both. Rajasthan is one such state that has been always flocked with a large number of tourists who either come to explore the history of rulers, food & culture or the traditions and art forms that state them unique in their own terms.

Udaipur is a part of Rajasthan that is also entitled as the “ Venice Of The East “, as the city is surrounded by artificial water reservoirs and lakes from all sides, the city has something special for everyone who visit it and at times creates a special corner in the heart of travellers by making it their common holiday destination. The city has a fascinating history of royals, mughals, war, battles, forts and palaces with fine architecture, temples to seek blessings from different gods and goddesses, savoury seasoned food dishes that are speciality of the town, also you can shop for art pieces, sculptures, clothes, shoes and many other things. If you surf on for the list of destinations, then you might get confused with the question where to start from? Here is the list of 8 must visit places in Udaipur that one should definitely not miss to visit when having a stay in the city:

1. City Palace :- 

In the year 1559, constructed by Maharana Udai Mirza Singh on the banks of Pichola Lake with a captivating style of architecture that beautifully blends the art forms of European, Medieval and Chinese style. The fort will leave you astounded, as it has 11 magnificent palaces constructed by different rulers in different eras with quiet spacious courtyards, pavilions, terraces and hanging gardens. The place is totally ideal for getting acknowledged with great history, for photography and architectural studies.


2. Lake Pichola :-

One of the most riveting man made wonder that is now dominated by nature was created in 1362 AD which was later extended by Rana Udai Singh II in the 16th century and is been surrounded by temples, huge hills, enchanting forts and bathing ghats. The place is now widely visited by travellers to enjoy boat rides, watch the sunset, have a walk around the lake as it has a garden and passage for sitting and have some quiet time with ownself.


3. Vintage Car Museum :-

If you are fond of cars and mechanics then you should definitely take a visit to the Royal Vintage Car Museum, which was inaugurated in the month of February in the year 2000 and has become a popular destination for sightseeing in the city. The museum has some of the most fascinating and alluring brand of cars such as 1934 Rolls Royce Phantom and other Rolls Royce models. You can enjoy having food in the garden palace or go for a visit to Gulab Bagh which is nearby.


4. Sajjangarh Palace:-

Well constructed in the year 1884 on the orders given by Maharana Sajjan Singh, sajjangarh palace was once a royal residence to the Mewar Dynasty who ruled the place for centuries. The fort is on the outskirts of the city and assesses the arrival and patterns of monsoon clouds which could be perceived from the palace because of its location at a hilltops of Aravali called Bansdara Peak. The place is totally ideal for those who are fond of history and architecture.


5. Saheliyon – ki – Bari :- 

The Garden of Companions ( saheliyon – ki – bari ) was built by Sangram Singh II and was later gifted to queen and her maids and was personally designed by the king itself so that his queen could relax and have some pleasant time with her 48 maids who were always close to her. The place has an old 1559 AD restaurant where you can enjoy food, click beautiful pictures and have a walk around the passage of the bari.


6. Fateh Sagar Lake :-

The second most largest lake of the city that has been sprawled in a wide area of one square kilometre, further divided into three distinct islands is a major tourist spot where one can actually feel happy seeing such sparkling lake. The atmosphere around the lake is so blissful and tranquil that one can sit over anytime and enjoy the shades of Aravali Ranges around, watch the compelling sunsets and enjoy boat rides with sun falling down with impressions of monuments around.


7. Under The Sun Aquarium :-

The city of lake has a mesmerizing and the biggest Public Aquarium Gallery that was inaugurated in the year 2017 and very soon has become the most popular destination and host around 150 different species of fishes in an area of 125 meter long passage. The place has a spacious tank where the tourists can dive in to have an experience of the underwater world and take an up close look of the marine life and species, you can also enjoy it through virtual reality.


8. Karni Mata Temple :- 

Built by Maharana Karan Singh in the year 1620 to 1628, Karni Mata Temple was a much visited place by tourists till year 1997 when the temple went into redevelopment. Now the temple has well built stairs with a sitting arrangement to rest for a while and those who don’t like to prefer stairs can get tickets for the ropeway and enjoy the view around the hill.


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